3 Ways to Deal With the Long Job Interview Process

As the Interview Process Lengthens, Here's How You Can Cope

2. Watch THEIR Attitude

As the hiring team comes back to you with delay after delay, keep a close eye on their communication and try to read between the lines.

In some unfortunate cases, yes, a company might be leading you on. Maybe there’s not even an official position open, and they’re just testing the waters to see what’s out there. If they keep you in the dark, don’t communicate well, and are vague in their answers, it might be best to move on. In the most frustrating cases, despite seeing dozens of candidates or even being told you’re a finalist, at the end of the entire process you discover that the company decided not to hire anyone at all.

In Susan’s case, the delay seemed to stem more from bureaucracy, not malice. It was a giant, old-school company, and the conversation she overheard confirmed that not only were candidates frustrated with the delay, but managers within the company as well. She was able to keep her eye on the prize and know that it was the system that was the problem, not her or her future managers.

In Linda’s case, she asked me if she should make an ultimatum to the company and force them to give her a date that they would make a decision. I responded by asking her three questions:

  • What is her current situation? Is she out of work and desperate for money or does she hate her current job so much that she needs to get out immediately?
  • Does she actually like the company and want the job?
  • How are they handling the situation?