3 Reasons Not to Negotiate Salary After Accepting an Offer

Sometimes It's a Good Thing NOT to Negotiate Salary

2. If It Ruins Goodwill

The hiring process is stressful. Companies go through a long and arduous hiring process to find the right candidate, while the tension mounts for job-seekers with each successive round of interviews. So when a company and an individual finally connect, a salary is agreed upon, and both parties are eager to get things off on the right foot, carrying that positive goodwill into the beginning of a job is extremely important.

Long story short, a candidate who attempts to go back and pry open that discussion in an attempt for more money will probably not be met with open arms.

In John’s case, it was even more focused since he felt that his immediate manager really went to bat for him to make the hire even though he had been out of work for so long. It was a trust he didn’t want to break.