12 Tips for Handling Valentine's Day at the Office

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue -- Keep Both of Them to Yourself on Feb. 14

Tone Down the Flower Power

Oh my gosh! He sent you flowers!

After reception calls you down to pick up your two dozen roses and you've dashed through the office to fill that enormous vase with water, you'll walk back to your desk via another route to brighten the day of even more officemates with your burgeoning bouquet. You chuckle while straining to see where you are going around those big blooms, and benevolently toss tissues toward the sniffles you hear in your wake.

Psssst. Being officially dubbed "Valentine Worthy" is nice, but has no bearing on your performance review. Be sensitive to others who may not be similarly blessed, and don't needlessly showboat while others are drowning in romantic turmoil. Smiling is fine, but please refrain from cartwheels.