11 Signs You're Not Getting a Raise

How to Know If You'll Be Getting a Raise at Your Next Performance Review

4. Lacking Social Skills

Here are a few more basics worth reviewing:  Eye contact, grammar and small talk. 

Like a firm handshake, making eye contact demonstrates confidence. Uncomfortable? Practice in front of your bathroom mirror until you can win a staring contest. Blinking is permitted (and encouraged) during actual conversations.

Poor grammar will make you appear more in need of further education than a raise. Not sure about how to use a word properly? Save it, Google it and try again later. This applies to both conversation and email. Regardless of how you're communicating, show off your best side at all times.

And finally, there’s nothing small about small talk. It’s the h’ors doeuvre offered prior to the main course. Get comfortable with it. Never lead with "About that raise..."