11 Reasons You Didn't Get the Job

Here Are the REAL Reasons You Didn't Get Hired!

4. Not Reading the Job Listing Carefully

How many times have you seen a job listing online, applied for it, and never heard anything back? If so, it might be because you didn’t read the listing carefully.

Hiring managers know who they want and what skills they need. Although many companies are willing to train in certain areas, other positions require specific knowledge needed to hit the ground running. So when you’re reading the listing and see “MUST BE AN EXPERT IN EXCEL!” written as such, you’d better truly be an expert if you apply. Because if you do get a call back and for a phone or in-person interview and you don’t know the first thing about Excel, you’ve not only wasted everyone’s time but also ensured you won’t be considered for future job openings at that company. And possibly others depending on how connected and influential the hiring manager is.