11 Reasons Your Co-workers Hate You

These Bad Habits Leave Your Co-workers Seething

6. You're the "Stinky Lunch" Guy

This might start off innocently enough, but your choice of lunchtime cuisine can land you in the hallowed halls of office hatred faster than anything else on this list.

We understand everyone has different tastes and people come from all walks of life -- and that includes what we all eat. But if you're in an office environment, you need to remember you're sharing space. Sometimes with dozens and dozens of other people. So when you stick your leftover fish in the microwave for 4 minutes, it's like dropping a stinkbomb right in the middle of the office. And while curry and Tex-Mex taste delicious if you're the one eating it, the rest of us just lost our appetites because that smell is going to linger for the rest of the day.

Bring a sandwich or some soup that doesn't assault the nostrils. Unless of course you want everyone to think about a horrible stench every time you enter a meeting.