11 Reasons Your Co-workers Hate You

These Bad Habits Leave Your Co-workers Seething

11. Being a Slob

A little messy? OK. A tad unorganized and slightly eccentric? Sure. But let's face it, no one likes a disgusting slob.

When your cubicle looks like it hasn't been cleaned since Clinton was in office and the mold from your coffee cup is turning into a sentient being with plans of office domination, you've officially become a slob. Your complete disregard of the company dress code and the curious decision to only shower twice a week has also contributed to your new job title -- office pariah.

No one says you have to be a fashion maven or wear expensive perfume or cologne, but at the very least you have to look presentable and engage in basic personal hygiene so the people you work with can stand to share the same space. And speaking of your space, give the cubicle a spring cleaning, will ya? Having your workspace declared a biohazard is not going to help your chances for a raise come performance review time.