11 Odd Jobs with High Salaries

These Under-the-Radar Jobs Have Surprising Salaries

11. Horse Rider/Exerciser

Annual median salary: $50,691

If you’ve ever found yourself holding a winning ticket at the track, chances are you’ve benefited, in part, from a horse exerciser.

Everyone who has watched the movie Seabiscuit knows jockeys are the ones who actually do the racing. But what most people don’t realize is that other people help exercise and train the horses long before post time. The men and women who do this are called horse exercisers, and their primary responsibility is to ride the horses on non-race days and prepare them for the jockeys. From getting them used to walking in the gate to simulating a mid-race gallop, exercisers must gauge a horse’s well-being and responsiveness and accurately relate it to the jockeys and trainers.

This job generally only requires a high school diploma, but also takes roughly seven years of experience to master. Although you won’t get rich, if you’re a lover of horses and/or want to someday become a jockey, this is a great way to do it and bring home a solid paycheck.

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