11 of the Fastest-Growing Jobs in America

Find Out Which Jobs Will Be In Demand By 2020

3. Physical Therapy Assistant

Expected increase in jobs: 45.7%
Median annual salary: $47,028

Although this job requires less skill, training and education compared to an actual physical therapist, becoming a physical therapy assistant is a great way to help people at the ground level. Which is probably why it's one of the fastest-growing jobs in America, with more than 30,000 new jobs expected to open up by 2020, according to the BLS.

This essential position helps treat patient suffering from injuries or physical disabilities. The PT assistant helps with mobility and pain relief exercises, goes over the necessities such as how to use crutches, and shows them how to perform exercise and stretches that are mandatory to help range of motion and flexibility.

Normally applicants need a minimum of an associate's degree, but the job also requires accredited physical therapy programs as well.

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