10 Ways to Improve Your Online Reputation

How to Successfully Interview and Make Presentations on the Internet

Are You Showing Your Best Side Online?

Pop quiz: What's the scariest thing you can do?

A. Handle a barrel filled with angry rattlesnakes.
B. Make hairpin turns in a tractor-trailer around a twisty mountain pass.
C. Give an online video presentation.

If you answered C, this story is for you. (I can't help with snakes or big rigs). Whether it’s your video debut on YouTube, a job interview on Skype, a meeting on WebEx, or a class online, how can you look and sound engaging while being authentic?

Online presentations take many forms: sitting or standing; one person presenting to one, two, or a crowd who may or may not be visible; half a roundtable in Washington, DC, meeting with the other half in Hong Kong, time-zone considerations and all. Not to mention live versus recorded presentations, and full-body versus talking head. And production values can range from a TED Talk stage to Cousin Joey in his jammies, moaning about the Mets on a Google+ Hangout. Regardless of the format, these 10 tips should help.