10 Tips for Talking Politics at Work

How to Survive Election Season Without Killing Your Coworkers or Getting Fired

Politics in the Office is Inevitable

In a perfect world, this article wouldn't have to be written. When it comes to politics, reasonable people would agree to disagree, cast their ballots in private without fanfare, and then go back to office small talk. But during this election season in the most politically divisive time in recent memory, that's just not in the cards. So the question isn't whether or not people should talk politics at work, but how to survive talk of the election during office hours.

It's hard to escape politics these days. As Election Day nears, the political ads are all over TV and radio, candidates engage in a series of debates, the 24-hour news cycle has fresh content every five minutes, and the advent of Facebook and Twitter means millions of Americans have a platform on which to feature their political leanings. As work and life turn into more of a blend than a balance, it's only natural politics will come up at work as well as at home.

But regardless of how you're voting in November, there are unspoken guidelines you should follow when it comes to talking politics during work hours. Because after months of mudslinging and debate, the next president will be chosen, but you'll still have to get along with the same coworkers and bosses. Here's how you can do just that.